Rooting your phone and unlocking its original chances are one of the best parts of the Android environment, a lot of things that sets up for Windows 10 Mobile and iOS. Of course, this is not for everyone. One, the process is a bit complicated. You do not need to mention the fact that you can be harmful to your device and be tinkering the handset overrides the warranty and ends up in an unfortunate situation.
How to unroot your Android phone
Would you like to be part of the root club now? At Google's protective arms is certainly good, and the route is available to keep your software updated through the air. In addition, when buying a phone, many buyers need the experience "from the box", which technologically blocks it as if the phone is brand new.

No matter where there is a lot of tutorials out there where a smartphone is rooting, but how much unroot you will show up. We can fix that!

Unroot by using SuperSU

Many users utilize the SuperSU, a tool to manage rich devices. Ability to unroot your device into many of its features.

The process they accept is very simple. Open the SuperSU app and go to Settings tab. Scroll down and select "Full Unroot". Follow the instructions and let the phone do its job. When you take care of the business, restart your phone and you're normal.

Unroot by using an app

Do not use SuperSU? You still have a small chance of unloading your phone by utilizing a simple application. These apps do not seem to work well on every smartphone there. This is a hit or a miss.

The most popular option is Universal Unroot, it will easily remove root benefits from Android devices. Sadly, there are many downsides. For starters, a bunch of Samsung devices will not work because of the combination of a single belch. LG does not unroot the devices, but they still stand out as rooted, thanks to LG's eFuse.

I will say that this is a bit of a game, it costs $ 0.99, but it might be worth it if you do not really like to play with your phone

Unroot by using a file manager

Root access may be a complicated setup, but your phone has only one set of files. They will be avoided and the route will go away.

For this root access requires a file manager. My favorite one will be the ES File Explorer (Turn on root access in settings).

  • Access the main drive of your device and look for "system". Select it, then tap "bin". From there, remove "busy box" and "su". By the way, these may not be. If so, move to the next step.
  • Go back to the system folder and select "xbin". If you have any files, go ahead and delete "busy box" and "su".
  • Go back to the system folder and select “app”.
  • Delete “superuser,apk”
  • Restart the device and it will all be done.

Unroot by installing an OTA update!

Did we remind you that you will get the route updated? Well, only if you want to update the traditional method, you can still push the updates automatically. We are not going to crawl those details right now, but the software updates will root out root access. Most users will have to go back again, but it's easy to install your next update if you do not need a root access.

The obvious collapse is that you have to wait for an appearance. Do not forget to uninstall Oh, SuperSu and other root-related applications. Remember that it only works when you use stock recovery on your device.

Unroot by installing stock firmware

The usual way to unroot a phone is to take back the original firmware back to the phone. There are no ifs or butshere, it will work regardless of your device, ROM, kernel or recovery. This is why all software is packaged together with firmware.

The only sad part is that you can not provide a tutorial. Phones are different ways to install a firmware, so you have to do a specific bit of research on your particular smartphone. Users need to download their specific firmware files, use USB debugging and download some PC software.

There you have it there. Now there are tools to keep your phone away from the potentially rooted threatening world. Smartphone hacker is not for everyone!

Did any of you try these methods? Hit comments to let us know your experiences. I personally used the last option. I think the bright start is always good, but I think it makes me more researchers. Share the other tips you can think of in the comments below.

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