Disadvantages of Chromebooks

We are listing below only the disadvantages of Chromebooks
Disadvantages of Chromebooks

Limited Storage

Chromebooks are generally sold at 16 to 32GB of local storage; They also have an option to extend the storage via another 32GB using the SD card.

This means it's easy for you to store all your files on Google's Cloud Storage service, or control your use with Chromebooks, USB sticks and built-in storage available on other external storage devices.

Cloud Storage

Chromebooks are basically designed to perform their computing and storage activities on the cloud platform. For full use of a Chromebook, you should get the idea of ​​having your files, books, pictures, and music in Google Drive.

Cloud storage is not expensive, but practical. Google offers 100 GB of free storage in Google Drive for 2 years, and then you'll pay a small fee.

However, the idea that files with the cloud storage service are not public. Locally kept and loaded files are loosely accessible to our system, which may take some time for the idea of ​​keeping files in the cloud comfortably.

Chromebooks Can Be Slow!

While Chromebooks are known for their powerful boot boot times, they can speed up their running functions in spreadsheets or perform tasks such as retrieving or saving files.

This is usually because of your internet connection, because all processes happen in the cloud, and your Internet connection speeds up the speed of Chromebooks.

Cloud Printing

Unlike ordinary laptops, the Chromebook does not have a way to connect to a printer. However, this does not mean you can not print from a Chromebook.

Chromebooks use it's cloud print technology to print your job with the printer. Instead of sending directly to the printer connected to your job, this means Chromebooks will send your file to the Internet Ready Cloud to a Cloud Ready printer.

Microsoft Office

Chromebooks are not you, if you're quite addicted to Microsoft Office's products.

Chromebooks have a free online service suite for you to work on your documents, like spreadsheets, and excel like presentations.

Other Professional Software Programs

If you're thinking about using professional productivity software such as AutoCAD, Primavera, Timberline or Professional Accounting Programs, do not go for Chromebooks.

Such software programs do not support Chromebooks; Such programs may be less likely to be available in online editions.

No Photoshop

Chromebooks do not support the Photoshop, Photoshop components, and other Adobe desktopware fixes. You rely on online photo editing apps like Pixlr, online edition of Photoshop Express editor and others.

These photo editing tools are good for most casual photo editing functions, but not for professional photo editing.


With Chromebooks, you are limited to online games like Cut the Rope, Bejeweled, and other games on Google Chrome store - you can not play high density PC games.

Need Internet Connection

While Chromebooks have offline capabilities, they're designed to work best when you're connected to Google Drive via an Internet connection.

Optical Disk Drives

This means that you're not able to play your favorite DVDs and Blu-Ray disks, not the Chromebooks and optical drives. And since Chromebooks do not support external optical drives, there is no problem around this range.

In most laptops computers, optical disk drives are gradually rejected because it is not a great deal of reaction.

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