Why PHP?

People often are operating under the stereotype that PHP is outdated and/or extremely confusing and inconsistent.

70% of websites whose server-side language is known are coded in PHP. This language was developed specifically to build interactive web resources and to do it properly.

What's the point of using a framework instead of raw PHP to develop your application? A few benefits of using a framework include:

  • A PHP framework makes development faster.
  • Frameworks enable developers to scale systems easily.
  • Code maintenance is easier 
  • The MVC model ensures rapid development.
  • Frameworks are better in securing web applications from common security threats.

Reasons to chose Yii2

Created by Qiang Xue in 2008, Yii is a secure, fast, high-performance application/web-development framework. 

Yii utilizes the Composer dependency manager for PHP for handling different dependencies and installations. Yii also is the fastest PHP framework, thanks to the lazy loading technique.

Another great feature of Yii is jQuery integration. The integration enables front-end developers to embrace the framework quickly, and it uses scaffolding to generate code. 

1 ) Easy to master

From my experience Yii as the most simple PHP framework. Documentation is written in a very easy, understandable way, the open-source community is there to answer a learners’ questions, and, generally, to start coding in Yii developers require a few days.

2) Fast coding

In Yii, if you ask for explanations about “Students” through an eager-loading approach, all comments, associated with a “Students” in your data table will be put in the memory of an app, ready-to-use. And when you use these, all of them will be retrieved from memory, not from the database. 
However, using the lazy loading approach, you can get a specific record about a “Students” straight from the database and only if you refer to it. 

3) Gii-CRUD generator

Gii is an extension for Yii that automatically generates code. It’s a tool that automatically provides you with often used pieces of code or even with complete CRUD controllers. Through Gii, it’s also possible to create customized templates for models, controllers, forms, modules, extensions through simple commands.

4) Validation

Yii provides a lot of features to secure application. To filter a user’s input, Yii utilizes tons of different validation features that are performed through rules and scenarios that are tied to models or conditions and that dictate how validation should proceed. Developers can also create custom validation features via Gii.

5) Easy testing

To test an app written in Yii, you’ll need one extension: Codeception, a highly flexible tool for automated testing. Testing is customizable: you can set up tests that, for instance, won’t use a production database or won’t send you real emails.
Codeception is perfect for test-driven development (TDD) and behavior-driven development (BDD). These approaches to implementing software describe parts of code or whole features as multiple scenarios or tests before writing code.

6) Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture

MVC is a programming design pattern, that divides an application into three components :
  • model — represents application data;
  • view — conveys a representation of data in design; simply, it’s the user interface;
  • controller — represents the business logic of your application.
A nice thing about MVC architecture is that each of these components can be edited separately, so it’s easier to build, test, and maintain an app.


If you want to connect your website to the cloud or to a mobile app or to a single-page app (SPA), you have to use the framework with integrated RESTFul API. API it’s an application product interface that ties different software products, connecting their data and functionality — without interactions with source code. REST stands for Representational State Transfer, a software architecture style that describes constraints for creating interoperable web-services.

Yii’s features allow quick prototyping on the basis of common APIs, and it’s very easy to build a set of to connect, for instance, with Angular or React Native and build a mobile app or to AMP to make site’s pages mobile-friendly in few clicks. Routes for data streams are created automatically and are easily customized.

8)Yii Licensing

Yii is released under New BSD License under which it can be freely used to develop a web application.
Yii documentation is licensed under GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) which means it can be copied, redistributed or modified before its next version is released.
Yii logo is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.

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