THPRE DHANUSH 1991242f - Win10 dedicated Mobile Office will publish at the end of April
Win10 Mobile, Office
Microsoft officials will release later this month to run Win10 Mobile phone generic version of Office to create a preview of the update. Previously, Microsoft has released for PC and tablet preview version of Office for general purpose applications, has also been in the Play Store and the App Store for Android and iOS devices to create the Office family of applications, but the WP users are unable to stand the first time echelon where to enjoy the latest features and interactivity.

The Office team commitment, will bring the mobile version of Win10 user interface and new, and will be consistent with the features of Android and iOS versions of Office applications. It is reported that the upcoming release of Win10 Universal Mobile Office applications for touch operation has been specifically optimized, the number of the most commonly used function keys fixed to the bottom of the screen functional area, convenient one-handed operation. Win10 phone but still in a relatively early preview version of the stage, and therefore in terms of UI and OS features have a greater change in future updates – run on a preview version of Office suite as well.

New generic version of Office applications will not be the same as before the built-in system, but separate application store shelves, it also means that you can get updates from the Office family of applications App Store, faster and enjoy new features and even more stable experience, without having to wait for the attached system as it was before the update for Office updates. Office team also promised new Office family of applications will be update
Win10 Mobile, Office
User desktop platform, Microsoft has not ignored – the traditional desktop version of Office 2016 Preview version will be available later this year, Microsoft is trying to make each platform consistent Office experience. The new Office applications for generic generic 10.1-inch screen and below the equipment, so Microsoft is still less than the 10.1-inch screen devices (such as desktops, traditional notebook) to create a tradition with the “super-productive,” the Office suite, rather than universal application instead.

It is unclear whether Microsoft will allow the screen size of 10.1 inches or more in equipment installation generic version of Office applications, but at least the generic version of Office and is not suitable for these devices, because the generic version brings a special optimized for the touch screen and tend to touch operation, the traditional mouse and keyboard users to use may be some inconvenience.
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