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What is e-sim ?

we have been using the physical sim cards since the mobile phones came across.
An eSIM is an electronic SIM card. it will replace the physical plastic SIM cards which all the current smartphones use . Apple Watch 3 that really brought eSIM technology into the spotlight.

Apple’s newest flagship phones launched yesterday, On the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max has introduced with eSIM technology. it is the first dual-SIM iPhone. Rather than adding an extra slot for an additional nano-SIM. You’ll be able to subscribe to a network using your phone just like you do on cellular-enabled iPads Samsung smart watch Gear 3 also supports e-sims

eSIM is absolutely tiny, just a smaller than the size of a nano SIM. so this is what makes it so well-suited to ultra-compact gadgets like watches, which simply don’t have the room for a normal SIM. Samsung’s smart watch Gear 3 also supports e-sims

An eSIM is non-removable and sits by other internal components. You don’t have to remove it, and it isn’t at risk of compromising any water resistance of a gadget’s shell.

The idea is that you can switch to a new operator without having to insert a specific SIM card. It’s all done through software. In india only the two network companies supports the e-sim feature which are , Airtel and Jio. hoping other companies also join as soon in the upcoming days


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