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What is 4G

  With the progress of time, I am sure you have heard of friends, or perhaps find out about what 4G is , right? 4G is sometimes written as 4-G, is the fourth-generation English acronym refers to the fourth generation mobile phone systems, but also 3G Yan Shen of a wireless communication system later. From the perspective of technical standards, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) definition, static transfer rate up to 1Gbps, high-speed mobile state can reach 100Mbps, can be used as one of the technologies of 4G.

  Currently, the major international 4G standard there are two: one dominated by the United States Intel WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) standard, is the transmission distance furthest 4G technology is currently the fastest growing technologies in the mobile communication environment By allowing the downlink and uplink up to 75Mbps maximum rate of each and 75Mbps; generation of IEEE 802.16m (WiMAX 2) allows the action to receive the downlink and uplink rate can reach up to 300Mbps, the still point in the reception of up to 1Gbps; Second LTE Advanced standards, LTE enhanced, fully backward compatible with LTE, usually by the LTE via a software upgrade, the upgrade process is similar to the WCDMA upgrade to HSPA. Peak rate: Downstream 1Gbps, upstream 500Mbps.

What is 4G

The main advantage of 4G:

  1, the communication speed is faster

  As people study the original purpose of communication is to increase the rate of 4G cellular phones and other mobile devices wireless access to the Internet, so 4G communication features of the most impressive than it has faster wireless communication speed. For comparison from a mobile communication system data transfer rate, only the first generation of analog voice services; second generation digital mobile communication system transmission rate is only 9.6Kbps, up to 32Kbps, such as PHS; while the third generation mobile communication system data transfer rate up to 2Mbps.

  Experts estimate, the fourth generation mobile communication system can reach 10Mbps to 20Mbps, even the highest speed can reach up to 100Mbps wireless transmission of information per second, the speed will be equivalent to about a million times in 2009 the latest mobile phone transmission speed.

  2, the network wider spectrum

  To make 4G communication reach 100Mbps transmission, the communication operator 3G communications network must be based on research carried out substantial transformation and so on 4G network communication bandwidth higher than the bandwidth of 3G networks in many cellular systems. According to the research of AT & T 4G communication executives said estimated that each channel will occupy 100MHz 4G spectrum, the equivalent of W CDMA 3G network 20 times.

What is a 4G

  3, more flexible communication

  From the strict sense, 4G mobile phone features, has not simply classified as “phone” category, after transmission of voice data is only one 4G mobile phone features only, so the future of 4G phones should be regarded as a small the computer, and 4G mobile phone from the appearance and style, there will be even more amazing breakthrough, it is conceivable that, eyewear, watches, cosmetic, sneakers, to facilitate and personalize the premise that any one can see items 4G terminals are likely to be, but people still do not know how should I call it.

  Future 4G communication so that people can not only communicate anytime, anywhere, but you can download a two-way transfer data, pictures, video, of course, can never met a stranger online and on-line rally game. Maybe there was never locked positioning system online nowhere to hide distress, but it is accordingly provided with a map to bring the convenience and security compared to, this is simply negligible.

  4, more intelligent performance

  The higher intelligence of the fourth generation mobile communications, not only in the 4G communication terminal apparatus with intelligent design and operation, such as scrolling menus and reliance will be greatly reduced, and more importantly can achieve many of 4G mobile unimaginable function.

  Such as 4G phones based on environmental factors can be reminded, time and other settings in a timely manner at which point the phone’s owner do, or should not do anything, 4G phones can put the cinema box office data downloaded directly onto PDA, These data can be put ticket sales, seat availability display very clear, we can use this information to make an online purchase their own satisfaction movie tickets; 4G phones can be seen as a portable TV with a look at the game of sports category various live.

  5, compatibility smoother

  For 4G communication as soon as possible to be accepted, it features not only consider the powerful, but also should take into account existing communications to allow more existing users will be able to communicate easily with minimal transition in the case of investment to 4G communications. Therefore, from this perspective, the future of fourth generation mobile communication system should have global roaming, open interfaces, talk to a variety of networking, terminal diversification and a smooth transition from the second generation and so on.

  6, offers a variety of value-added services

  4G communication, not from the base of the 3G communications through a simple upgrade of evolution, building their core technology is simply different, 3G CDMA mobile communication system is mainly based on the core technology, and 4G mobile communication system technology places are deposit multitasking frequency technology (OFDM) most attention, it can be realized using this technique, such as wireless area loop (WLL), Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) and other aspects of the proliferation of wireless communication services.

  But taking into account the transitional 3G communications, the fourth generation of mobile communication systems in the future will not be just one technology only uses OFDM, CDMA technology in the fourth generation mobile communication systems, and OFDM technologies complement each other in order to play a greater role, and even the future of fourth generation mobile communication systems will have to integrate new technologies such as OFDM / CDMA generation, digital audio broadcasting previously mentioned, in fact, it really is the use of technology OFDM / FDMA integration of technology, the same using the combination of the two techniques. So next to OFDM as the core technology fourth generation mobile communication systems will combine the advantages of both technologies, part of the extension will be based on CDMA technology.

What two 4G

  7, to achieve higher-quality multimedia communication

  Although the third generation mobile communication system can implement various multimedia communication, the 4G communication to meet the future third generation mobile communication can not reach the high-speed data on coverage, communication quality, and the high cost to support the resolution of multimedia services needs, the fourth generation of wireless multimedia communication services including mobile communications system provides a wealth of information for voice, data, video and other broadband sent out through the channel, for the future fourth generation mobile communication system, also known as “multimedia mobile communications” .

  Not only to the fourth generation mobile communication applications due to the increase in the number of households, more importantly, it must be transmitted in response to the demand for multimedia, of course, also includes a communication quality requirements. In conclusion, we must first huge market can accommodate the number of users, to improve the poor quality of existing communication and achieve high-speed data transmission requirements.

What three 4G

  8, the higher frequency utilization efficiency

  Compared to the third generation mobile communication technology, the fourth generation mobile communication technology use and the introduction of many powerful breakthrough technology in the development of the process, such as some fiber optic communications products company in order to further improve the width of the wireless Internet backbone bandwidth, the introduction of the exchange level technology, which can also cover the different types of communication interfaces, ie mainly the use of fourth-generation routing technology (Routing) based network architecture.

  As the use of several different technologies, so that more effective use of radio frequencies than the second and third generation systems. Estimated according to the most optimistic scenario, the effectiveness of allowing more people to use the same amount of radio spectrum previously do more things, and do these things very fast. The researchers said it is possible to achieve download speeds of 5Mbps to 10Mbps.

What is 4 4G

  9, cheaper communication costs

  Since the 4G communication not only solved the compatibility problem with the 3G communication, so that more users can easily existing communication upgrade to 4G communications, and 4G communication introduces a number of cutting-edge communications technologies to ensure the 4G communication can provide a kind of flexibility is very high system operation, and therefore it is relative to other technologies, 4G communication much easier to deploy rapidly.

  While the construction of the 4G communication network system, the operator who will consider the direct communication on the 3G communication network infrastructure, using the method introduced gradually, so that it is possible to effectively reduce the running costs and the user. According to the researchers claim that 4G wireless instant communication connections for certain services costs will be cheaper than 3G communication.

  From the Editor: 4G compared to 3G and 2G, faster, more advantages, the major network operators have launched 4G packages, but small series looking at the 4G package price, it is not under the hand. But Xiaobian believe that with the increasing development of science and technology, 4G popularity is not far away.


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