VPS Visual position system

vps camera Google IO 2018 840x472 - VPS - Visual position system

GPS is playing a vital role in the daily life of peoples nowadays, as it helps to navigate and help to explore new roads which are hard to find! but nowadays navigation systems we only can explore the outdoors, and the accuracy is not that well, as if you standing in the second floor of a building, the GPS will never have the feature to detect your position in the indoor, but it’s not gonna be an issue anymore.

google io 2017 0341 - VPS - Visual position system

At the Google, I/O developers conference, Google itself announced a new technology called VPS – ( Visual Positioning Services). It is a Tango enabled mapping system which uses augmented reality.it uses your smartphone camera of your to identify your surroundings and will suggest you the suitable route to your destination whether it is indoor or outdoor. the interesting is that you may have an animated character on the screen to help you navigate better with VPS. it’s hard to tell exactly how precise VPS is until we use.


street view camera Google IO 2018 840x472 - VPS - Visual position system


Google hasn’t revealed when this feature will be available for Google maps! so let’s wait for it!


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