Hello everybody, Here I come up with another list of some cool android apps! which have the best and unique features. in the google play store. so enjoy!

1. Fantasy tunnel



Fantasy tunnel is a 3d live wallpaper app, which has some unique feature. when you scroll , you can see we are walking through a room while like playing a game.
check out the app link in the below.



2.  Material Notification Shade

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Material notification shade is an app, which can change your status bar colors, It brings your notification and downloads in different colors! and much more also has a Pro version is available which loaded with some extra features.



3. Split screen creator!

Split screen creator is a tool to open multiple apps in multiple windows! just add your apps and ready to multi-task!

Download HERE: LINK


4. Terrarium TV 

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Terrarium TV is an Android App that has plenty of Movies and TV shows to watch. Terrarium TV is a sheltered application as it doesn’t demonstrate any illegal pirated content. It just gets online Movie or TV Show joins from different HD sources and gives a perfect interface. In this way, we can download free Movies and TV Shows to various gadgets with Terrarium TV.

Download here: LINK 


5. Today Weather – Forecast, Radar & Severe Alert


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Today Weather is an android app. for the weather forecast that provides the world’s most accurate local weather forecasts. which has plenty of features like scroll down for detailed weather information. Swipe left-to-right to move between locations. Submit your photos to Today Weather and the design was pretty better than other similar apps. so have a try!

Download here: LINK 


6  Material Cards icon pack

Capture9 171x300 - Top apps of the week #3Capture10 189x300 - Top apps of the week #3Capture11 183x300 - Top apps of the week #3


Material Cards icon pack is an android app to customize icons on your smartphone has a plenty of icons which are categorized based on Smartphone brands. Material Design Guides for a consistent and unique look. High-quality icons for a fresh look on any device. and also work with most of the launchers!

Download here: LINK  


7.Whistle to find!


Capture12 189x300 - Top apps of the week #3Capture13 201x300 - Top apps of the week #3Capture14 199x300 - Top apps of the week #3


whistle to find, is an android app to find your phone without wasting your time looking around ! after you whistle the phone will start to ring automatically and it can help you to find your phone! it has some great features like , it will auto start the app when phone is put on silent,Customizable sensitivity, Widget for easy enabling/disabling and much more!

Download here: LINK 

so that’s all for today ! and I would come up with another interesting topic!

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