Mobile client authorization

Download “for developer preview” application in Microsoft applications store. After the installation is complete, open and click “Next” to accept the terms, will pop up “to enable developers to preview” option checked and click “Finish.” Then it will prompt you have successfully registered to the “preview for developers’ plans.
Mobile client update upgrade

It should be noted that the first one is not a Windows Phone8.1 download the upgrade package, but Windows Phone8 of a firmware version number is “8.0.10532.166”. After installing “8.0.10532.166” firmware, then the search is Windows Phone8.1 developer preview version of the firmware number is “8.10.12359.845”, this firmware volume is relatively large, slightly longer download time. If you encounter a less than twice Find updates, as many search times.
Issues and considerations that may arise:

One must follow the above steps are completed, are indispensable.

2, due to the larger installation package required for the upgrade, be sure to be in the WIFI environment.

3, the lower fuselage storage space models please delete unnecessary files before downloading to ensure sufficient capacity fuselage.

4, the upgrade can not be rolled back to a previous version, please be cautious upgrade.

5, the update process encountered crashes, you can try to restart. Telecom users (mainly HTC, Huawei WP8 user) update to be careful, there are already a lot of telecom users reflect black, brick and other issues after the update.


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