Lumia series WP phones more and more people are concerned about the same time, followed by Samsung released the Samsung ATIV series WP phones, also attracted the attention of mobile phone users. Currently, Samsung has developed its own proprietary application WP phone ATIV BizCard, and strive to stand out from the competition.

ATIV BizCard as a very handy business card scanner is well known professionals, the application utilizes ATIV camera and optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically scan business cards, and the information is automatically import new contacts, although this application not only Samsung has, but as a third-party application development company, this is really very easy to use. Users can choose to set the ATIV BizCard include the use of flash, manual shooting photos or import photos from your phone’s image library. Once complete information into OCR, users can verify, modify and save to the phone’s address book medium operations. Although the application of occasional error, but the effect is good OCR.


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