Hello there this is the sixth tutorial  part of Restuka’s Restuka restaurant automation

My profile features in Restuka can give a detailed overlook for your profile, which are listed below

1. No of the restaurant under you
2. No of Managers under you
3. No of chefs under you
4. No of delivery boys under you
5. No of bill boy under you
6. Can Able to edit your profile

Capture2 - Restuka restaurant automation | My profile

Under my account feature, there also called Restaurant profile, which has some features listed below.


Capture3 1 - Restuka restaurant automation | My profile

1. Can able to edit restaurant profile
2. Add multiple pictures of your restaurant
3. Generate QR codes for your restaurant
4. Edit your restaurant Location

Change your password at any time securely.

Capture4 2 - Restuka restaurant automation | My profile






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