sa1471577653 - Pac-Man hat Open test ,Each hat has a unique ability!“Pac-Man hat” is a classic arcade game “Pac-Man” is based on an adaptation of leisure hand tour. Players in the game still to play Pac-Man character, depth and annoying ghost maze wits. According to reports, the game in each maze contains three objectives and tasks, the player should not only cleaned up the scene, but also to get rid of these tasks to get three stars. Generally speaking, “Pac-Man hat” Whether or style of play has maintained a “Pac-Man” series features and style. But why do we alone …… Pac-Man can wear a hat?
vo1471599417 - Pac-Man hat Open test ,Each hat has a unique ability!
  Not only wear, but also to change it!
  “Pac-Man hat” the biggest feature is that the “hat” is the word body. Game players can switch to a different kind of hat to Pac-Man to unlock different abilities. Such as freezing, lightning …… These features can act on the body and the surrounding ghost to bring you a completely different gaming experience! It is frozen or stewed? up to you!
wh1471599415 - Pac-Man hat Open test ,Each hat has a unique ability!
  It is worth mentioning that the game can not only wear hats, but also to upgrade! But note that players use the same hat over a period of time the number is limited, which is unique to the operating system as a physical mechanism. So if you want long-lasting game, it looks pretty much collect some hats to fly.
ou1471599410 - Pac-Man hat Open test ,Each hat has a unique ability!
  ” Pac-Man hat ” has been launched in the United States and other test, currently has 80 levels in the game, and the alleged future there will be more levels gradually introduced! Interested players please also continue to focus our follow-up report!


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