THPRE DHANUSH 1991242f - Nokia will acquire Alcatel-Lucent in France outside Finland layoffsReuters reported that Suri, CEO of Nokia (Rajeev Suri) recently hinted that Nokia acquired layoffs after the French company Alcatel-Lucent will mainly outside France and Finland. In order to reverse the situation Lang sluggish performance, Nokia will certainly take layoffs. However, the French Government has agreed to acquire Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia’s premise is to ensure that the number of jobs in France Nokia region.

Nokia executive Rajeev Suri said that when you deal involving France, you have to make sure that your transaction agreement recognized by the Government, as well as understanding the strategy underlying transaction. Suri said Nokia’s commitment to the French Government, and not special, commercially completely logical.

Nokia employs 6900 people in Finland, while in France, Alcatel-Lucent company employs about 6,000 people. And if the acquisition plan is passed, the number of employees of the new company in the world, will reach 11.4 million.

Alcatel-Lucent company owns part of the business in China, the future of these businesses would have been if Nokia, adjustment, remains to be seen. But the industry believes that Nokia’s acquisition enhances the position in China and the United States of America the two communications equipment market, coupled with China is already the world’s second largest mobile market, Nokia does not take a massive contraction of adjustment measures in China.


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