Nokia, Android, Nokia X
Nokia ‘s first Android mobile phone Nokia X has just released a week’s time, they have been developed via Framaroot tool Root, can be successfully installed the official Google applications and services, Google Play Store, Google Now Launcher (starters) can successfully be used. In fact, this is the case in many Android phones will encounter.

Recently, XDA-Developers forum member Kashamalaga has released its installation tutorial in the forum, a total of six steps of the tutorial, and provide official Google application APK installation package, specifically as follows:

1, download and install Framaroot (a key ROOT) application ( click to download ), Nokia Nokia X unlock, complete ROOT job.
Nokia, Android, Nokia X
Note: Framaroot With equipment loophole that Gandalf Exploit, realize ROOT function.

2, Download Root Explorer (RE Manager) application ( click to download ). The application on the Android device has ROOT support for Android file browsing access, edit.
Nokia, Android, Nokia X
3, download archive (38.31MB, click to download ), unpacked copied are copied to the Android system / system / app directory. Also need to change the permissions for the folder.
Nokia, Android, Nokia X
4, restart Nokia Nokia X devices

5, download compressed package (containing a variety of Google applications, 49.15MB, click to download ), unzip the application will get multiple APK installation package installed separately. If you need Google Now Launcher starters, you need to install it yourself.

6, restart Google Play app store, enter the Google account, you can normally use Google’s services.
Nokia, Android, Nokia X

In fact, although these Google applications and Google Now Launcher can run smoothly, but can not guarantee a perfect and smooth operation.


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