Momo image
The image used as the picture of Momo

Momo hacking is hitting the internet like a storm. Everyone is busy informing others about the dangers of the hacking and consequences of media auto download option WhatsApp. Will it make our phone vulnerable to Momo hacking?.Is there any truth behind this?

There is no reported cases of hacking anyone’s phone by the so called momo. However police is investigating to find the truth behind the disturbing game to death of a 12 year old girl in Argentina. They are trying to find the forces behind the suicidal game in social media.

The girl was found dead hanging in tree after filming a video on her phone. According to the police”The phone has been hacked to find footage and WhatsApp chats, and now the alleged adolescent with whom she exchanged those messages is being sought”.

Police also believes that the girl’s intention was to upload the video to some social site to get credited in Momo game.


This life threatening game started from a Facebook group where participants were challenged to chat with an unknown number. Those who communicated with that unknown number displaying an image of a sculpture got violent and harsh messages.

According to the information we get, three separate phone numbers have been attributed to Momo, with country calling codes 81 (for Japan), 52 (for Mexico), and 57 (for Colombia). According to users, the narrator says, the persons behind it communicates in Spanish.

Should you fear it?

One thing we can say surely that ‘if you don’t call Momo using the above mentioned coded numbers, you will not meet it’. So please do not spread manipulated screen shots or images about the attach or hacking.Never ever try to contact those numbers if you get it from any source.

The frightening image

The doll used as the image of ‘Momo’ was created by a Japanese artist called Midori Hayashi, who is in no way associated to the game or challenge.

She is a doll maker famous for her creepy and skeletal artworks.But they have nothing to do with the disturbing social media game.



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