Lumia 535, Microsoft

Although WP proportional share of cheap low-end machines currently in the market share is not too high, but this business is very important in terms of Microsoft’s mobile. Previously, the low-end Nokia 520 WP has become the best-selling models, but it is only in the field of low-end machines, WP 24 sales in the global market in excess of the iPhone.

Clearly, Nokia sold 520 such devices really need a successor model to stabilize the market, then in July of this year, Microsoft launched the Nokia 530 , but the market response was not as good as the former. However, in order to more clearly the main direction of the mobile phone market, Microsoft will Lumia after the withdrawal from the Nokia brand name, Microsoft launched the first all-new low-end devices – Lumia 535 .

Lumia 535 Nokia inherited the fine workmanship, the body feels strong and smooth and comfortable, which is mainly determined by its rounded edges and curved design. However, despite the Lumia 535 is equipped with a 5-inch screen, but compared to the same type of pricing of mobile phones, it’s the screen frame is obviously somewhat narrow.

However, as in the past, Lumia 535 at the bottom of the fuselage is still a lot of wasted space. After setting up the virtual keys on the screen, the actual size becomes smaller. Due to the lack of physical touch keys, so the lower part of the screen space narrowing. Lumia 535 elongated body design the overall look and feel there has been a long chin, this seems less than ideal.

Lumia 535 back cover still using polycarbonate material production, thick plastic cover to make the device itself feels more solid. Smooth and beautiful bright colorful cover, while not easy to slip from the hands. Microsoft launched a bright green, bright orange, matte white, matte black, matte blue five kinds of color choices, which means that Lumia 535 will have a colorful wireless charging back cover.

For the Lumia 535, even though the overall look pretty good, but if the volume can be smaller and the rear cover removed Microsoft logo, then it certainly looks very good appearance. Relatively speaking, Lumia 535 fuselage in front of the simple “Microsoft” word did what a big impact, but Microsoft classical central window Logo printed on the back cover and “Microsoft” logo is the overall cheapening lot.

In addition to the displeasure of the factors in appearance, in fact, named Lumia 535 is also worth pondering. After the brand changed hands, the full name of this device becomes a Microsoft Lumia 535. Here, the name of the slot length is not the point, because the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini also not short, but I must mention that Microsoft Lumia 535 is quite a mouthful to read, it sounds very awkward. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini people can blurt out smoothly, its product positioning is also a glimpse of what you can from the name. However, Microsoft Lumia 535 to say it is more bumpy, although Microsoft and Lumia respective sounds very good, but at the end of a combination of both and really test 535 rap skill (of course this is only edit personal views do not represent the full text proposition).

Worth surprise is the speed Lumia 535 is very fast. Built-in Xiaolong 200 quad-core processor and 1GB of memory to run, so that this device is not only running smooth and fast. After initial experience, the whole system running Lumia 535 have not experienced the phenomenon of being loaded, said here is the system itself, does not involve a third party or an official application. In addition, the effect of switching to experience animation is also very fast and smooth.

However, appear on the Lumia 535 a new “updatable core application” concept is more annoying. To the “Calendar” application, for example, it is a system in WP8 can instantly open core applications. But after landing Lumia 535, “Calendar” identity was altered, and it has now been transformed into a pre-installed Microsoft’s WP app store application, you can easily get updates from WP App Store. The idea is good, but pulled out of the application independent from the system will undoubtedly slow down its speed, at this point does not seem worth the points praise.

Admittedly, WP8 Nokia 520 times the speed and smooth start-core applications while impressive, but now these core applications have been placed in the app store among this update has made it’s way to run significantly slower rate . Such as “contacts” There is still a core application integrated in the system, its response speed is very fast. But compared to open new WP8.1 platform “Calendar” application, the application icon will appear and sometimes even three seconds of delay in response. Similarly, other scalable core applications such as “power-aware”, “Music”, “Video” and so on, although their reaction is not slow, but obviously it is already higher than the startup speed WP8 systems during the integration mode is slower.

Lumia 535’s screen is still relatively good, at least you can say Chende on its pricing. But tell the truth, Lumia 535 color screen is not bright, grainy obvious contrast is not high. In addition, the screen brightness dim, black looks gray. Of course, for a price of less than 120 euros (about 920 yuan) of equipment, these basic flaws hardly any major defects. Compared to models currently on the market, some priced at over 200 euros phone screen performance and some even smaller than the Lumia 535, and therefore not suitable for this requirement is too blame.

In terms of camera, Lumia 535 is configured around a 5 million pixel camera, its main camera in low light conditions good or very good imaging results. At the same time, it’s the front lens due to the self-employed with the Nokia 730 configuration of the same wide-angle lens, so the camera great effect. Positive is, Lumia 535 is considered the front-facing camera for all economic performance in one smart phone front camera best. Overall, Lumia 535 camera, though not high enough to force the grid, but can still bring a good camera experience.

Unfortunately, we did not get this initial evaluation shooting Lumia 535 proofs, because the current can not do too much of this device camera software evaluation and the final imaging results. However, considering the Lumia 535 has been pre-installed with the latest firmware Lumia Denim, so shooting should get no small improvement.

Overall, Lumia 535 is a set of fine workmanship, good performance and a number of unique features (such as Cortana and MixRadio) in one of the excellent low-end machines, this device will be the final listing is full of expectations.


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