Micromax Yu Yureka - Microsoft Love  Linux :When Andrews became Microsoft's new business model

When Satya Nadella say them at a conference in San Francisco, the open source operating system Linux as a “cancer,” the idea is probably Microsoft’s mind has gone. Satya Nadella after taking office, to treat the open-source operating system, Microsoft’s attitude becomes more and more ambiguous. But now it seems that Microsoft are interested in more than just Linux, as well as Android-based Linux kernel development. Andrews is currently in the global mobile market situation, it is more like Microsoft in the mobile terminal implementation “Freemium” business model of a main battlefield, of course, “Soldier” or those of Microsoft’s software services.

First, Samsung, after CM

Last September, when there was news pointed Satya Nadella and CM team conducted secret chat, we are also very natural to interpret it as “software as a service, Microsoft hopes to cross-platform strategy, Android platform to expand their influence.” . But not so the Microsoft and CM confirmed at MWC 2015, Samsung has been the first to step on.

At MWC 2015, the Samsung Galaxy S6 series of two flagship device Galaxy S6 Edge –Galaxy S6 and come preloaded with Microsoft’s OneDrive, OneNote, Skype. The CM also recently announced the official website of the cooperation agreement with Microsoft, Bing search, Skype, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook and Office will be bundled in the form of landing CM based on the depth of customization of Android ROM.

With Andrews as the implementation of “Freemium” business model, the main battlefield, Microsoft actually have some consideration.

Microsoft’s consideration

Microsoft understands that the implementation of a mobile terminal “Freemium” business model, relying on WP or Win10 is not enough, because WP current share in the global mobile market with Android and iOS far from even Win10 also has a long way to go. If we focus on the closed iOS, can not make maximum benefit “Freemium” business model brings.

This time Microsoft Andrews became the best option, this platform not only has a huge influence, due to the open source platform based on the platform to build other branches can continue to expand the number of users. In this regard, the data show that shortly after the MWC 2015, Samsung Galaxy S6 series of two flagship global bookings reached 20 million. Samsung recently also expected to make, saying that the total sales of these two devices is expected to reach 70 million.

The CM launched the depth of customization based on Android ROM, as early as the end of 2013 when its installed capacity has been a breakthrough in the world of millions.

We believe that this situation is quite conservative. In fact, Microsoft and Samsung as well as co-CM can be said to be a “living template.” Once this mode of cooperation was cloned other OEM and third-party ROM development team, then Microsoft’s future can certainly get more benefits from the software services through the “Freemium” business model.


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