According to the information we have obtained, there are many Lumia mobile phone users still can not set up WiFi access, but this is mainly due to the Lumia WP system does not allow users to modify their own IP and DNS caused, then how can we modify the IP and DNS it ? Today small for everyone then tidied about modifying the IP, DNS, subnet mask address of the method, with a look! Of course, to achieve modify these three things, you need to have the power to modify router settings.

Step 1, with the computer via IE, enter the address of your router (eg, into the editing interface of the router (please refer to your router manual)
Login, the default is admin, password is

Step 2, set the router’s DHCP Server -> DHCP Service

 – Address pool start address (you may not need to set up)

 – Address pool end address (you may not need to set up)

 – Address lease (digital random)

 – Gateway (must be set to (default is empty, so our Lumia also default is empty)

 – Primary DNS server (enter your home DNS, DNS network is different for each region) (default is empty, so our Lumia also default is empty)

 – Alternate DNS server (enter your home alternate DNS, case ditto) (default is empty, so our Lumia also default is empty)            
This is a complete set, if lucky, you can normally get online; but considering there may be other wireless network problems, please read the following introduction.
Step 3, the wireless router basic settings

 – SSID number (just a name, without modification)

 – Channel (used Andrews should know that Android can be freely set up the wireless network channel, but also only accept 1-12 to follow this principle, we have set up their own home for 1-12 routing numbers, do not set randomly, to prevent. occasional random to 13)

 – Mode (you like)

 – Frequency bandwidth (optional)

 – Turn on the wireless feature (the focus must be open, if not open, Android phones also can not connect)

 – Enable SSID broadcast (this focus must be open)

Step 4, to your Lumia phone is assigned a fixed IP

1, into the router setup interface -> Wireless Settings -> host status (copy your phone’s MAC address)

Or enter router setup interface -> DHCP Server -> Client List -> There are also your phone MAC address (MAC address replication)

(Of course, you can also set up their own mobile phone -> WLAN-> Click WiFI connected at the bottom of the case in detail, showing your phone’s MAC address)

2, into the router setup interface -> DHCP Server -> static address assignment

Add a new entry

 – MAC address (paste, or fill in your own Lumia MAC address)

 – IP address (assigned a give it to him, such as to, of course, try not to use the previous figure, and to avoid other computer conflict, so I used 115)

After the above steps to set the router will prompt you to restart the router to take effect, listen to its restart. Next, you will be the perfect connection WiFi, Lumia Internet access as fast as computers.


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