Microsoft recently announced the launch of the Groove Music Pass service. The company is seriously concerned about the Groove Music app introduced in Windows 10.
How To Use The Equalizer In Groove Music App

Microsoft had revealed that it’s working on visualizations and equalizer for Groove Music. Now Equalizer is available but visualizations are not. With the version of Groove 10.17112.1531.0, Equalizer has come with the Groove Music app. You can do this by navigating to the ground music settings.

Groove Music equalizer in Windows 10

Here is how to open Groove Music equalizer in Windows 10

Step 1: Open Groove Music app and click the settings.(A gear icon located in the navigation pane)

Groove Music App

Step 2: Now Goto Playback session and tap equalizer.

The Equalizer In Groove Music App

Step 3: Select any presets or create a custom one and fine tune settings to your needs. That’s it.

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