Poco F1 smartphone was launched in August 2018, which was shocked all the flagship brands.


Poco F1 Steel Blue 1024 - How Poco f1 is possible ?


Poco F1 smartphone was launched in August 2018, which was shocked all the flagship brands. Poco F1

HOW Xiaomi made the POCO F1? and how they sell with this price?

What’s behind the name POCO?
Poco is an italian word which means ‘Little’ . Xiaomi recently opened
their first Store in Italy so this may inspired to take the name POCO

How a flagship chipset put into a midrange flsgship smarthone?
Snapdragon 845 will may cost a lump sum of 4000 to 5000 rs and also the other components on the smartphone including the sensors etc will may cost upto 10000
Software devlopement
Software devlopement is an expensive process which is an endeless process untill the company shuts .
software devlopement includes with 5 process

1. Requirment analysis
2. Design
3. Devlopement
4. Testing
5. Maintenence

The Xiaomi already have its own software such as ‘MIUI’ The firmware is based on Google’s Android operating system but in the POCO F1 , has some extra features and maintenance is required after the sale so definitely there has some expense . though nobody can able to predict the software and maintenance cost .
So this is why Xiaomi can’t give the updates as fast as other smartphone companies because their software maintenance is not hat expensive. thats how they cut the cost and maintaining the best price with rich features on the market
But the Xiaomi promised that they will give updates as fast in the future
Other cost

POCO F1 was assemled in India.
exporting components from china
Marketing cost
Government certification and some other expenses.

So if you thinking why we go for Samsung , Apple flagship smartphones instead of this POCO F1?
Then here are the reasons that you may go with Apple & Samsung flagship smartphones .

1. Original software updates
2. Latest software updates.
3. Security patches
4. Better service
5. Better displays
6. Other high-end features like new innovating technologies
7. Trust & Security

If you have a less budget and need a better smartphone with an almost a flagship features , so definetly go for POCO F1

Xiaomi did a very great job for providing these flagship killer smartphones and also high hopes for the future.


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