wp8devices - Hackers claiming Windows Phone system is the most secure intelligent systems

Windows Mobile in the enterprise more and more widely used in many European countries, the market share has more than 20%. The main reason is the back-end Windows Phone with Microsoft compatibility good and cheap, but another reason worthy of consumer attention is Windows Mobile operating system is very safe, at least white hat hacker and protection test expert Steve Lord think so. Its founder Mandalorian security services company, and engaged in security services for over fifteen years. Whatmobile.net website interviewed Steve Lord, when asked about Windows, Android, iOS three operating systems, which operating system the maximum risk. He said, “All systems have strengths and weaknesses. Now it seems that Windows Mobile seems the hardest to crack. BlackBerry has long been concerned about mobile security. If I have physical access to the device, then Android is usually relatively easy target, then Apple , then to the old version of the BlackBerry. If the need to attack the e-mail and te
xt messages through the network or I, then Android is usually the easiest target. ” When talking about the old Windows Mobile phone Lord still recommended, when asked whether There are safer for consumers to use older smartphones, he said, “the older smartphone is often considered unsafe because they are often affected by known defects. If you use the old phone , you’d better use a classical non-smart phones. If you must use a old smartphone, preferably using an older BlackBerry BB10, or WP8 and install an updated version of the Windows Mobile operating system. ” Windows phone The annual Pwn2Own hacking contest in no doubt that the mobile phone is always the last to crack (or completely unable to break), which is proof of an important operating system security credentials. Please click whatmobile.net read the full article to learn a variety of recommendations to protect the phone.


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