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Restaurant -order management

Restuka restaurant automation | Manage orders

Hello ! this is the fourth tutorial of Restuka’s Restaurant automation explaining it step by step. Restuka helps you to manage all types of your orders under a single easily manageable window.   Hotels...
Restaurant automation with mutipile branches

Restuka restaurant automation | Staff Management & Invoice

Hello ! this is the third tutorial part of Restuka’s  Restaurant automation explaining it step by step (STAFF MANAGEMENT) 1. Through Restuka you can Relegate diverse occupations for your workers. with Isolate...
Restaurant Automation free Features

Restuka restaurant automation | Adding foods

Hello ! this is the second tutorial part of Restuka's  Restaurant automation explaining it step by step For adding dishes This is a Feature to add a variety of dishes in your restaurant...
Restuka logo

Restuka restaurant automation | Dashboard

Hello everybody today I am posting an article based on an Online Restaurant automation system Called  RESTUKA , which can make your business even better than before, So Here I am introducing it...


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