The  Latest Trick..

You will have to log on to the Guest Account of the computer system
    Now with the help of your mouse make a right click and select Manage from the “My Computer icon”.
    To the left of the sidebar you will be able to find the Local users as well as the Groups. Simply click it and select users.
    It will be in the main panel that you will come across administrator.
    Simply right click on the Administrator and click set password.
    Create the new password and Press Enter and Enjoy.

password hack yNISa 25016 - 5 Steps to change Administrator  Password From Guest Account  2014

Method 2

Simply go straight to C:/windows/system32
    Now all you have to do is replicate cmd.exe and place it on your desktop
    Simply rename the cmd.exe changed to sethc.exe
    Now just replicate the brand new sethc.exe to the system 32. And when the windows ask for rewriting the file then hit the yes icon.
    At the point of time, you are asked to rewrite , simply rewrite he sethc.exe
    On having completed this step log out from the guest account. Come to the user section and choose window, press the shift key for about five times. Rather than making use of the sticky Key confirmation dialog the command prompt allowing you all administrator rights will open up.
    You simply type “net-user- administrator as bbbb”. In this case “bbbb” can be any password you like. Press enter.
    You will soon come across the words “completed successfully”. All you have to do is that you exit the command prompt. Now you are ready to login into the administrator with your new password.


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