Hello there, here is an excited post about some ancient technologies which are mysteriously lost on time.


1.Viking Compasses 


Sun Compass 1 161x300 - 5 lost ancient technologies !

We have multiple navigation systems in the world right now, but what about ancient time? how they navigate to places? how they explored? yes, we are talking about an ancient navigation system called “Viking Compasses”. Vikings are the sea robbers. They May have skillfully used the sun to operate the compass even when the sun had set below the horizon. It is estimated to have been roughly 2.8 inches (7 centimeters) in diameter with a now-lost central pin. Though only half of the wooden disc remains. But Upon testing, scientists found less than 4 degrees of error.

2. Damascus steel –


sword made of Damascus steel - 5 lost ancient technologies !
Damascus steel is a kind of metal which was produced during the medieval age. It was perplexingly strong. It was started using around 300 B.C. and the knowledge seems to have been inexplicably lost around the mid-18th century.

But the Modern attempts to duplicate the metal have not been entirely successful because of differences in raw materials and manufacturing techniques. It was first used around 300 B.C. and the knowledge seems to have been inexplicably lost around the mid-18th century.


3. Batteries of Baghdad


bagdadbattery - 5 lost ancient technologies !

The Bhaghdad battery aka Parthian Battery was found in 1936 by railroad workers in the area of Tel Khujut Rabu, south of Baghdad. example of a prehistoric, electrical power source. Scientists states that it’s an example of a prehistoric, electrical power source. it is believed that these batteries are used around in 200 BC

4. Ancient Drilling Holes Technology

ancientdrillingholestech - 5 lost ancient technologies !

This impressive cutting-holes-in-stone technique reveals our ancestors were capable of All kind of stones (even the hardest ones) were drilled for architectural, ritualistic or symbolic functions. The hardest stones never limited the ingeniousness of the prehistoric builders. but it’s still unknown that how they did so accurately.


5. Heat-Ray Weapon


ancientdrillingholestech - 5 lost ancient technologies !

Heat-Ray vision aka Archimedes’ death ray. This “Heat ray weapon” worked by focusing the rays of the sun using mirrors, this is similar to the Nazi’s death ray concept which is more than 2000 years later. The weapon is believed to have consisted of several highly-polished large parabolic mirrors held by troops along the city walls, which was focused the sun rays oncoming enemy ships. By focusing these rays from the sun, they were able to create a point of intense heat that set these ships on fire. MIT’ students did an experiment in 2005 which used mirrors in parabolic arrangement to set a replica of a Roman ship on fire.


6. Universal antidote

57ef5b2775429 - 5 lost ancient technologies !

It is an antidote for against all poisons was said to have been developed by King Mithridates VI of Pontus (who reigned 120–63 B.C.) and perfected by Emperor Nero’s personal physician. , This antidote quickly gained popularity. In medicine, in the middle ages, it repeatedly changed, but the original formula of this ancient antidote was lost.



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